Friday 7 March 2014

Mole parchment?

The moles, and molecatchers, have been busy in Brindle.  I understand parchment can be made out of all kinds of animal skin.  So I skinned nine moles and soaked their skins in lime water.  After removing their fur I stretched them on hoops made of willow.

Wednesday 5 March 2014

March - and the MA Interim Show

The Cuerden Psalter's roundel for March shows a figure pruning vines, and another carrying small pieces of wood.  At this time of year I am always out and about with my secateurs cutting the pliable one year's growth from the hedge tops before the hedge cutter arrives.  I tie each bundle with a cable tie so as to be able to tighten them when they shrink.  I label each with the plant species, date and location where it was harvested.  In Hampshire I have a long established list of my favourite foraging spots; service stations, industrial estates, neighbours' gardens and lanes, but here in Lancashire I have had to create a totally new map, and research local place names.