Sunday 5 October 2014

Harvest bread

Having made an August loaf of bread, incorporating Brindle grain, I offered to make some for our Harvest Festival.

The ‘harvest bread’ made for Brindle St James Harvest Festival 2014 (approx. 80cm x 40cm) is in three pieces and depicts the haloed Christ, amongst foliage, between a sheaf of wheat and fruits on a branch.  The face is inspired by a roof boss in St Andrew’s church in Sampford Courtenay, Devon.  Some of the flour was grown and hand-milled in Brindle.

While making it many thoughts came to mind . . . . . about its significance
  • Stemming from Christ’s mouth is the breath of life, flowing throughout the natural world (including yeast)
  • Bread is both local and universal - bread in different forms, is made in every country 
  • Communion too is intensely personal but is a communal partaking
  • Offering can, and often does, stand alone but is made more complete by receiving
  • The simple fact that we are here, making an offering, is huge reason for thanksgiving
  • Labour - by definition all labour is effort, but it need not be depleting it may be life affirming - giving a heightened sense of value . . . . 
  • Within this beautiful parish are those who work incessantly with both plants and animals - gratitude to them and hope that they find it life affirming

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